The Impending Seminal Lunar Eclipse

Why do I dream of
Eyeball affixes on eclipses
And verbal fixes on ellipses?
If you have a glimpse
Into the fragile mental state
And broken agile state
Of THIS Goofy Girly Imp
[Masquerading as a Gimp],
Would you drop me a line
To say affixion isn’t a crime,
And that I’m not a criminal,
Instead of just sublime
Or freakily subliminal?
I’d thank you for affirming me
From Here to Eternity.

November 7th concert a million hassles away

I’m going to see a concert the night before
If I can accomplish the chore
Of driving an hour or more
To see a singer I adore
I’ll be SRO on the floor
Like a barfly or a whore
But I know I won’t be bored
Since I’m a fan, of course.
If I can’t complete the chore
I won’t see him anymore;
The loss thoughts into twist
Of missing the eclipse.
What would I do then?
Would life screech to an end?
No, I’d stay in bed and cry,
Revisit feeling died.

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