November 8 – A Hot Date

I’m coming off of a period of making frequent back-and-forth trips between heaven and Hell.

I feel like I came in to my abundance today.

After another busted attempt at recaptcha’d Joy singing karaoke in front of the boys,

I put myself in my comfort zone before embarking on the eclipse alone.

I found the strength in my bones to trust myself on my own and grab upon a ghostly crone to see this sight by myself,

But I needed help from someone else, a helping hand to hear me say

I don’t know why, but I am scared. Are you watching for yourself?

Because the eclipse’s elipsis…
Left me feeling so uneasy,
If I’m honest, upright queasy.
I set upon the quest myself, but I felt the grasp of someone else,

Offering me something else,
Not something to console my hand,
Not a soothing, smoothing understanding
Kind of cooing man.

And yet I did, I did, I really did!
Feel Divine Masculine encouraging me!
Underneath the Moon’s Eclipse,
I felt lushly kissed by cosmic lips
And man! Was it not
SO intense!

I felt simultaneously dark and light,
Like chiaroscuro in the night
And I achieved a hermit’s release
When I saw clouds passing a hundred and thrice
Against the canvas of the sky,

I didn’t watch the whole eclipse,
I returned inside with my closed lips
To reflect within my guiding ghosts
What we’d witnessed and what I’d seen
And never seen. And possibly didn’t ever see.
Or saw incorrectly.
The shadow self is merely self-reflection.

As usual, ghosts don’t let you answer them
Of what we saw and what we said.
Instead, they heard thoughts in my head
So I could finally find some sleep in bed.

And so I did, apparently,
Because I missed my own canine
Late-bloomer’s monthly visit with the groomer.

This girl didn’t let it “shroom” her or broom her back like dumb crumbs who can be counted on by No One and None!

Non! She said instead!
“I keep him well-fed and the groomer won’t ‘off with [my] head!’”

So I forgave myself it’s true,
But I’m not done telling you
Of all I still hope to do:

Apparently today is Super Tuesday,
And I need to find a shelter place to cast my vote today.
I don’t know where or how to find the way,
And politics usher rains of pain,

But it’s pain for pain’s sake,
Versus hate-for-hate’s sake,
That makes me want to
GO and not STAY,
To vote for a guy who (I theorize) deals in lies,
Just to legalize or at least strategize
Alternatives for pain.
(Or WTF? At least minimize it for some if it gets the job done).

So though I say
“Don’t take my pain away”
From me, I really mean:
I want pain to STAY away

So I’ve set an alarm
To remind me
Of my civic duty
To wear my most patriotic skort,
(I like them colorful and short)
And very patriotically,
Cast my voice as
“Yes” to weed!

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