Write Away!

I never thought
I could never write
Without sounding trite
I know it isn’t wrong or right
But I can barely tie my shoes
Much less write out words for you

I used to be so fancy and entrancy
I’d curlicue real dancy
Now I can hardly type
And I can barely write

Have I lost my mind?
Would you help me find
My mind so I can write?
I want to do it right
But I can’t bend my hand
To write right
Am I writing left?
Has my brain left?

Something isn’t right
I can’t get it on my mind
How to type and write right
Without sounding trite
And trite’s not my type

So if you find my mind
And my mind is doing fine
Would you return it,
Would you not spurn it?

So I can start to write
It sets my world aright
When I can finally write.

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