I’m a Candy Corn Looking for Her Dove

I’m a Candy Corn
(A Unicorn Combined with a Capricorn)

I know my own mind.
It may boggle other minds
(Including mine)
When I surrender my demands of time,
Give up my need to know Why,
And disregard Messages on High.

I know my own soul.
It’s riddled with holes.
It’s beautifully whole.
But I’m long alone,
And I long for Love.
From Sideways and Skinways
And not just Above.

I long for an ear which is dear.
I ache for a touch caring much.
I prize available eyes.
I crave strong arms
Protecting my heart
And holding my hand
In this shifting sand,
Traversing a new path of love.

Come fly with Me,
Soul’s Only Dove.

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