Mixed Blessings are Blessings in Disguise

I don’t know how to twerk like Miley,
But I’m a quirk who’s smiley.
I can’t sing like Beyoncé,
But I’m exceptional at things I will NOT say!
I’m not wildly wealthy like Elon,
But with the super-rich, I’ve never belonged.
That’s not to say they’re wrong for having funds and fate cushion their cosmic way.
I simply enjoy a simpler type of play.
I like to examine trees; there’s so much there to see!
I’m not young like Billie Eilish, but I’m still childish.
I’m don’t write poems like Dylan Thomas, but my poems hold promise.
I can’t write lyrics like the other Dylan, but hey, they’re still poems,
And I’m still willin!
When it comes to visual art, I’m a total fart but somehow still smart!
And I know nothing about how to make music, but I certainly recognize its power and am moved by it.
My home will never be fastidious like my Mother’s,
But it’s mine and I’d take no other.
Even though it’s currently very messy,
It’s a reflection of me and where I’ve been,
And, like everything in life,
A Mixed Blessing.
If Mixed sounds like an ugly soup,
I’ve got a clue for you:
We ALL are messy, too!!
Some days we’re foolish, some we are wise.
But we must open our eyes
To our dreams and fantastical things
In order to hope again
In order to live again,
We must open our eyes
To usher the way to Surprise.

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