The Girl Needs to EAT


I was either looking for a Rescuer or Someone to Rescue.
Of course, either one would do.
Then I was told in IOP the only things that could rescue me were my own thoughts, emotions, and actions (EAT).
Damn, I knew I was screwed!
I like the idea of Rescue.
I like Deja Vu.
I like ruminating over memories of you.
But if ALL I can do is control my feelings, mind loops, and behaviors,
I choose ME over YOU!
Go tighten your own screws!
You’re occupying too much mental space,
It’s way past-time to You-Erase,
I haven’t got the time to waste.
Why? It’s MY divine time to shine.
So adiós my mal amigo,
I’m headed down to Narcissisto,
Take some luxuries for myself;
It beats the agonies of Hell.

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