I recently discovered this technique called thought-stopping or some such, hold up!

Don’t want to lose that thought!

Whatever it’s called, I’ve lately become so PROFICIENT,

I’m able to greater silence my inner critic, or at least, since I live alone, vocalize it. Hey, I can’t dispel what I don’t realize in the first place!

So anyway, I recently encountered an anomaly in the regular processing of my thinking,

Somewhere along Life’s way,

Somewhere between Fairly to VERY Recently, I lost a connecting thought.

I went from number thought 11,000,000 to 11,000,002 and all of a sudden! Poof! Gone.

I don’t know what happened to 11,000,001, but it was life-altering!

All of the sudden, nothing makes sense, so imagine the outcomes! I’m literally overcome by the possibilities!

But I feel like I’ve lost a piece of the puzzle that connects me isn’t connecting the pops.

Everything‘s covered in film or foam or dust or some sort of virtual illusion, clearly-distorted, into who-knows-what by lost thought number 11,000,001.

It was significant. This single thought, and I don’t know how long it lasted, it could’ve been seconds – it could’ve been years,

It consumed so much of me, that without it, I feel lost and alone.

I can’t tell the heroes from the villains, so everyone looks like an enemy as well as my best friend!

I feel all sorts and out of shapes as well as too-pruned-growing-like-a-weed in full-bloom at the same time.

It’s startles one’s reality and forces it to choose another to replace it with for things to even make sense again!

It forces it one way, and makes it go every-way, often against one’s own wishes, belief systems, lifestyle choices, pro-nous, you-nouns-We-Now

are looping in circles of infinity,

To the Eternal Damnation
By Internal Extrapolation,
(Bitter with extra Rumination).

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