I Finally Found The Ghost: A One-Time Lover Lurking Under My Own Bedcovers!

See: I’m doing my fancy rhyming tricks with [pre-haunting] rediscovered sidekicks!

How we left it:

I have to get to karaoke,
For now I’ll gift my snaps and poetry
Should you choose to learn more about me.
Or maybe watch my Insta-feed?
I wasn’t planning to sing,
But I change my mind about
Absolutely Everything!

And See ? You’re now rhyming just like me!
Maybe karaoke is a matter of timing
After all
And it is fall.
Perhaps “Spooky Season”
Doesn’t have to be
So scary at all,
When you find you’re have a ball(s)
At rediscovered things?
As well as when singing karaoke?

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