More About Love: Acceptance

First, my poem:

Next, my Snapchat:

Believe it or not, Poetry & Snapchat (both art forms and forms of therapy) have revealed: 1) exactly how I love, 2) exactly how I want to be loved, and 3) how I need to love myself (I talk to myself on Snapchat since I’m alone). I feel bursting with love to give myself and others, and bursting with awareness of what it does and doesn’t look like.

It doesn’t mean love doesn’t disappoint, but I feel I’ve learned to discern true love from counterfeit love and disappointment from defeat.

And after all, isn’t Life multiplied iterations of Love?

Everyone needs it – especially in the digital age – and yet the Digital Age has ushered in WordPress, Snapchat, and Tiktwat as forms of therapy and self-expression for many.

Every single day cements the concept of Mixed Blessing, Paradox, Silver Linings, Reversals, Flips, Unexpected Detours Unveiling Miracles, Yin & Yang, Sweet & Sour in Combination… in short, one “surprise with potential” after another.

It doesn’t make pain go away, but it makes pain easier to accept. But you can’t get STUCK in pain, even though it serves a critical purpose.

Yet another Paradox!

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