Renewed & Rebirthed Questions/Poems:

Delilah plays with formatting. It’s heartbreaking for us and Me, so We consider it a win if anyone reads.


You lost!
You made me feel like such a “Must,”
You’ve lost my faith,
You’ve lost my trust,
You’ve even made me
Lose my lust.


Is the question I ask myself a million times,
The question which keeps me up at night,
Tossing me with turns and frights,
Leaking out my stars and sky,
Seeping out my teary sighs.
It’s the question so dark,
I must remove it from my heart
To let MY heart restart.
It confuses my days
And blends them to nights.
So I must put to bed the Why
To rediscover my inner light,
To trick me into a fancy new dance
While I dream
With no answerings;
Finally letting go
Of my varied “Needs to Know”
Is What I need
To set my worlds right,
To let me dream high,
To open shut eyes
To the see all shades of shine
In an everyday sunrise.


Sunrises and Sunsets
Are the Ancient and Mystic
(Blink and you’ve missed it!)
Golden Opportunity
To witness The Glorious
Modern Day Miracle
Presaged by Oracles
Yet Steady and Regular
Each and every time
Night caresses Day
Or Day is kissed by Night.
So wake up or stay up
To claim your own miracle
Either Today or Tonight!

Hotel California album cover by The Eagles

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