*Not worth reading so why post it? Only because it took so long. I don’t understand it myself.


I’m appalled to ask in the First Place,
But does the Like mean:
1. You appreciate the Presentation, OR
2. You Agree with My Conclusions?
If the latter, would you be able to find it ANYWHERE in that mean, dark heart of Yours,
To let me know WHICH conclusion I got right?
It would help me, and I’m getting my Fact & Fiction mixed up, because I’ve gone to Such Great Imaginative Lengths to uncover The Giant Mystery,
The Suspense is Literally Killing Me.
So spare a clue for a dying barely-knew’s Last Request?
It’s My Make-A-Wish Foundational Need to Know that’s haunting me, because I’ve already generated every possibility and I’m waiting for the answers so I can die.
If you wait too long, my feelings will exsanguinate Me to Literal Death, or Feeling Death; they’re Equivalent.

The only Death I long for is of Rabbit Holes, Mind Mazes, Impossible Puzzles with Zero Clues, Silence & Invisibility, and ALL other absurdly-named, disturbing ways to mentally Mind-fuck an Unlucky Victim as gullible and Naive as me. Best of luck to her. Or him. Or it.
I don’t know; photos aren’t the same as receipts.

Has anyone EVER gone to these self-sacrificial Lengths before?
If so, that person is certifiably insane.
I know because I hold a valid certificate, only MY Insanity has been subjected to the mental torture of:
Endless Speculation, Cognitive Distortions, and Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury, so I’ve now become SO VERY insane, I can pass for sane for up to 90 minutes.
Let that sink in.
Protracted Isolation has freed me to GO INSANE and STAY Insane, as well as STOKE my Insanity to-the-point:
YOU’RE now endlessly speculating about MY mental state
(Am I a Threat, Are You in Danger, and if so, What shade, What form, Which form of Reality will it take?),
Until YOU’RE as Crazy as ME!

FINALLY within reach in The Endless-Looping, Oblivious and Stupid, Logic-is-Useless, Always-Clueless,
Elusive Land of Mind-Fuckery,
The same landscape occupied by the Thoroughly-fucked, Moronic, Less-than-Halfwit-Maniacal, THOROUGHLY TERRIFYING, Dead-Eyed, Gleam-Eyed, GREEN-EYED Devil, Gorgeous Head-case, Unhinged, Unplugged, Full-Force, and Insane-on-Steroids, mouth-foaming, MONSTROUSLY MONATROUS MONSTER named “ME,” decked out in Full Monstrosity.

Once finally condemned there,
Will we FINALLY be free
Especially since 🖤+🖤 is ❤️?

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