The Ridge on No Hill: A Sweet Treat & A Bitter Pill

Laurel Ridge, Laurel Ridge
You’re not my destination,
But you were my bridge.
When I fell down,
I hit the ground.
I was in hell,
And couldn’t see help.
So I took drastic actions
Resulting in fractions,
Family factions,
And consterned reactions.

But I don’t care
Because The Ridge is where
I pulled missing pieces
From the air.
I found other souls there
For Whom I deeply care;
Lots of others in pain and tears
I long to wipe or spare.

I had fallen from my tree,
But The Ridge showed me
I’m NO monstrosity!
Just a complex beauty
In every way shape and form,
Long shorn and forlorn.

Other than Other People
And the whole messy process,
What I love Personally Best
That separates
The Ridge From the Rest
Are its Magical Doors.

Most of the time
(not ALL of the time),
They’re locked at the right time,
Then opened for flight.

But what speaks to my heart
Is they’re constantly revolving
As I am constantly evolving.

I can always come back,
Embraced and welcomed,
No matter how far I have come,
No matter how much
I THOUGHT I was done!
Knowing this fact
Keeps me from an
Existential Panic Attack!

So thank you for all that You do,
Your vexing multiple buildings,
Some with Astroturf
Some with Urging Surf;
Your beginnings and endings,
Your many spacious hearts
And many helping hands
Which, more than ALL the King’s horses
And ALL the King’s men
Helped put THIS Humpty Dumpty
Back together again.

Thanks for showing me
I wasn’t at my end,
I just needed some friends.
So Laurels on the Ridge,
I know you love ME,
But I also love YOU!

-Signed by a Paradox Fox
In Her ‘50s
Who knows she is Nifty, Vixy,
And Amazingly Inner-Pretty.

(But get some new art supplies, guys!
They almost drove me back Inside!)


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