You don’t want to tell me because you think it will hurt me.
Your NOT telling me hurts MUCH more.
The truth hurts in The Now.
Now feels forever sometimes.
We get through it somehow.
The truth sets us free.
The lies are a dream;
They steal from me
What’s real to me
What I think I see
And grow belief
Into Trust;
Trust then turns into Dust,
Prolonging my agony
By stealing my Reality;
Taking my Trust,
Which is actually dust
Turning to rust,
And not returning it,
Scornfully spurning it,
And spitefully burning it
Each time that YOU
Make the choice to choose
To withhold the truth.
But should you grant it me,
It might just set me free.
Truth’s cost is both high and free.
Truth stands me up off my knees.
It ceases incessant weeping,
Constant begging and pleading
For the blooming KEYS (!)
To unlock the mind,
Defuse The Diffuse,
And Refuse to Confuse
Any longer, growing stronger.
Truth opens the blinds,
It lets in the light,
It sets worlds right;
Truth is our right;
We all have this right.
We owe our minds
The Right to Truth,
Simple will do.
We need it to thrive;
We need it to survive.

I’m simply telling you
What you already know
Who’s also known to go
By the name of Truth.

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