A coward is lame.
A coward is to blame
For committing atrocities
Without a shred of reciprocity.
He won’t come for you
Simply because you ask him to;
He will only answer you
When convenient for HIM
And not for YOU.
A coward will deceive and lie,
And burn through your precious time.
But he won’t give a shit
If the cowardly twit’s
Ruesome gruesome shit
Controlled and stole your very life.
A coward is most afraid
Of the messes he has made.
He’s too cowardly to
Simply clean them up,
To just man up
And just show up.
A coward can be a Nobody,
A coward can be a Somebody,
But a coward’s never worth
YOUR perfect body,
Beautiful mind,
And squandered time.
When it comes to cowards,
They are best voided
And avoided
If you can see the Tower
Falling in advance.
Most cowards can’t keep
Their snaky sneaks
Deep within their pants,
And cowards know nothing
In matters of romance.
Cowards care about timing,
But they do NO divining
Of the timing which
Matters which then
Salvages YOU;
So you are then treated TO
A broken, unspoken
Giant salvage yard,
With other trash
Of much Discard.
A coward never hears,
A coward only fears.
A coward has no lion’s heart.
Best end things with a coward
NOW, for they’re not very sharp!
But be advised it isn’t wise
To communicate or allow
A coward to initiate
Much of hardly anything
From the very start.
If you do,
They’ll rip to bits
Your caring and them-sparing
Shards of your remaining heart.
Sadly, it’s even
Written in the cards
And carved within the stars.
So please don’t let a Coward in
They’re guaranteed to do YOU in!

(A Coward is also YOU,
Yellow Keanu)

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