This compulsion to “Document My Life While I Still Have The Time
Is a Giant Waste of Time.
People have both Lives and Time, and They can’t waste Either Reading piles of documentation About How I LIVED and SPENT Mine.
Frankly, it’s boring and they don’t have the Time or the Mental Space to waste.
And it’s not as if THEY’RE wasting MINE!
So I’m not Surprised to Discover the Fool in Me Descry
“Writing’s actually NOT
A vacant waste of time.
Nor an empty waste of space!”

And I know it sounds hateful,
But I’m so Grateful
We’re all so Wasteful!
So let’s remain Thankful
We’re a band of “Empty-Vacuum-Burn-Right-Through-You–Despised-and-Wasted”
Merriest of All Time Wasteful Wastrels!

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