ARCHETYPAL: Loathing in Humanity

I wrote a more traditional poem called “For Gabby in April or May.


In the Stark Realities witnessed when visiting The True Crime Cybercommunity, the case of Gabby Petito hits Home for many people.

In addition to literally occurring in real time, virtually in front of our eyes, it also represents everything the Average Homo Sapien collectively loathes in our species:

A Friendly Foe
Deliberately Inflicting Pain
On Someone Weaker.

The Betrayed Party was
Overpowered by the Trusted Party
When Defenseless Against Attack;
Armed-Robbing Innocence of
Its Most Fundamental Right,
The Inviolable Right to Life,
Extinguishing her Flame
During her Prime;
Denying future Rites of Passage,
Snuffing Them Out
And attempting to defame the Public
By claiming There Was No Fire even while it was still smoking,
Through Post-Accessory Deception and
Attempts to conceal the ashes of
The Sadistic Crimes of Violence
Through Incestral Collusion
With the Family Lawyer.

Forgive me if I hope the Laundrie family burns in hell.

At least until they’re HIGHLY toasty.

Even then I don’t think they’d be decent for s’mores during that family camping trip where they Hatched their Plans to take Family Secrets to the grave.

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