Claiming Without Naming


What a waste of talent!
What a waste of “good talent recognition”!
What a waste of perfectly-good, perfectly-gifted, highly-talented talent!
What a waste of Past, Present, and Future Acclaim!
What a waste of space!
What a waste of one’s former lifestyle and once-spacious taste.
What a waste of a sweet taste for a bitter taste when one can simply erase the taste!
Or at least pretend to erase it,
Which temporarily-minimizes-but-never-truly-eliminates waste.
I’ll bet he’d sure like to erase all those mistakes!
I speculate those very Mistakes leave varied shades of bitter taste!
I’d even go so far as to state
This must be the Bitterest Pill
He’s EVER had to take!
[Unlike the Victims littered in his wake].
I’m even willing to pontificate I’d never find MYSELF in such a Similar State of Waste,
The kind of waste where you can be defamed.
That’s an awful type of waste, but it’s rarely scared or intimidated by the Face-to-Face of Day-to-Day.
Another source of waste which claims MY Mental Space?
It’s also The Greatest Collective Waste:
His Lessons Learned along the way,
Now Devalued and Discarded;

If not so thoroughly disgusted,
I’d be crushed and broken-hearted.

We’ll overlook a bruise or two,
But Profuse Moral Exsanguination
Requires frequent, regular, Repeat Offender
Further Examination.

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