Dedicated to Posts with High Toil-for-Likes Ratios


You amaze.
Count the ways.
Blame and blaze.
Four-night stays.
Latest craze.
Manta rays.
Starry gaze.
Sing and praise.
No one pays.
Lounge and laze.
Barstool plays.
Rear and raise.
Tee Vee trays.
I’ll rephrase:
Corn is maize.
Worry frays.
Morning haze.
Drunken daze.
The last phase.
(For two days)
Then appraise.

Girl needs to learn a veteran can’t first perish in combat!


Begin Year Anew: 01/01/22
Blacks are Dreamers, Too: 01/17/22
Say That “I Love You”: 02/14/22
Irish Beer Is Good: 03/17/22
April’s Full of Fools: 04/01/21
Bloody Cross of Wood: 04/15/22
Look, an Empty Tomb!: 04/17/22D
Died for Red•White•Blue: 05/30/22
Free From British Rule: 07/04/22
Kids Go Back to School: [varied]
Labor’s Been Improved: 09/05/22
“Sail the Ocean Blue”: 10/10/22
Night of Ghosts & Ghouls: 10/31/22
War Is Finally Through: 11/11/22
Stuff Yourself with Food: 11/24/22
Seasons of the Yule:
•a) Birth in Crumbling Zoo …12/25/22
•b)8 Days for the Jew 12/19-12/26/22
•c)All Faiths, Must Include… [varied]

Kiss the Year Adieu: 12/31/22

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