Dirty Confessions of A Useless Shit (💩)

I wish I didn’t give a shit about Other People’s shit.
I know This makes me sound like
An Utter Shit,
But I doubt I’m the first turd you’ve heard of who feels this way,
Especially since being a shit on any given day is the shittiest game a shit should NEVER be forced to play.
Especially the Old Shits.
They concern me almost as much as I Concern Myself!
Here’s the Juicy Shit:
Half the time, I don’t give a nano-shit,
The other half, a MEGA-SHIT!!
Can you believe I do that shit?
When you think about IT,
IT’S Some Scary Shit!

Shit, look at the tine!
I suggest we shit this down and refocus on Useless Shit.
What do you say? Is your mind in the Gutter?
Glad to hear it! Meet you there in 20?
That should give plenty of time
To Get Down and Get On with It.

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