Fan, Love, and Blood Letters

This isn’t Wordplay! This is Wordworkaholic!


I’m planning something special for our One-Year Anniversary,
but gratitude is free, and I don’t EVER want it said I starved MY fat cats with faint praise!
So here you go:

Thank you so much for diverting my attention to the point of distraction and relentless, incessant, meandering, followed by aimlessly wandering down rabbit holes into a
over the last quasi-year or so I hear and I think it
appears in my dreams at
least which I HOPE you share.

Are they as scary There as Here?
With me by my side, eternally outwardly extrapolating my inner microcity to the point where I have NO freedom but to concisely hit a nail on someone’s head?

This is ME TRYING:
Thank you for your follow-ship,
Thank you for your patronage.
And thank you very most of all
for your cyberfriendship.

With Unrespited Love and Appalling Displays of No Trace of Discernible Affection,
The Mothership,
The Mother of All Ships,
#metwo, and

[who reluctantly but eventually agreed]

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