OK, fellas if you’re
•aren’t much of a jock,
•aren’t particularly brilliant,
•and don’t make a lot of money

You can STILL achieve
•critical acclaim and
•popular success while
•fulfilling your wildest dreams
•AND all of your fantasies, like

Bedding every woman you’ve ever
•known personally,
•appreciated from a respectable distance,
•or masturbated to through the ‘Modern Miracle’ of “social multi-media.”

Because of this Modern Miracle,
You’ll be able to Get and Do IT Whenever and However you wish

No matter how humble your:
•living situation,
•body situation
•facial situation,
•financial situation,
•domestic situation, or
•vocational situation.

You only need about a Billion Dollars.

Just ask
•Elon Musk,
•Bill Gates,
•Rupert Murdoch,
•Aristotle Onassis,
•and other MINUSCULE number of Billionaires.

Should you not possess the requisite resource of Time to
1) Become a Billionaire,
I’d advise a second option:
2) Lead Singer of a Rock & Roll band.

If Sex, Rock & Money can’t get laid, what makes you think I can?

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