I feel no pity,
You treated me shitty.

When I was broken,
You spared no token

To usher me away
So I would forever stay

Absent from your presence;
This was the Only Present
Gifted to Me by You,

Because you’re such a spineless twit!
For you I don’t give a single shit
And miss you not the SLIGHTEST bit.

In fact I’m so ever-scary-glad
I don’t have to be your “Better Half.”
Let your replacement wife play this role;
I found it limp as well as cold
And as unsatisfying as your touch,
Which moved me Never and “Not Much.”

I’ll conclude with the book review
I’ve written of my life with you:
[It may be late, but it’s still true]
“The most tiresome and boring, Inglorious Story
Ever read or ever told.”

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