Most people choose friends and view friends based on the benefits and enhancements each adds to life (shared hobbies, similar age, validates me, echoes me, distracts me, is a good listener when I need to talk, always lifts my mood, etc.).

I see Friends differently.
I care less about how they benefit me (those are acquaintances, IMHO) and more about what they’re willing to spend on friendship in general – as well as ME, specifically – as a friend.

If “a friend” has 100% to give and only gives 20%, that’s a very distracted friend!
On the other hand, if a friend only has 20% to give and gives 100% of it?
You might consider this person a fool you wouldn’t bother to befriend!
I happen to thoughtfully consider people like this and them
LOYAL (as in ROYAL!)
And I’ll take ONE of them
Over a MILLION self-seeking distractions called “friends.”

In fact AND fiction,
Infinite Time I’m willing to spend,
From end to end
The distance I’m willing to go
To search and hopefully FIND,
Somewhere someplace,
In the middle of desert,
Or lost in a jungle,
One present, available, loyal friend.

3 thoughts on “FRIENDS & BENEFITS

  1. If I can’t be that kind of friend that sticks closer than a brother, then what does that say about me? I have friendships that go back 30 years. Treat me well and I will be a faithful friend for a lifetime.

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      1. I was in the process of writing a clever comment when I hit the send or GO button. It looks like drivel, but it would’ve ended up good. Too bad for us all!


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