I thought, in YOU, I discovered a surprise hit and vice-versa.

Instead, my current opinion on the matter is that in ME, you discovered a spectacular miss, an out-of-the-ballpark, major-foul miss.

But what do I know about what, whom, or even if you have the capability to miss? Anyone or anything?

You’re so well-cloaked and tightly hemmed, you won’t let real live people in.

I only wanted a temporary, but companionable beneficial friend, so I can’t even pretend to understand

ALL the cards you hold in YOUR hand,

Nor your secret land where the souls of others provide the food,

But not a morsel nor a passing whiff of YOU is shared or spared. No, you hoard [and whore?] yourself.

In fact, I’m certain any soul you’ve consumed recently has long-since been long-refused,

Condemned to die alone in the gutter.

Then again, what DO I know about YOU??
I’ll default to
“I never knew,”
“I never knew you,”
“I never knew you then,” and
“I never knew you when”…

EVER!!! As in: apparently NEVER.

So if I was asked about YOU: your thoughts, your feelings, your hobbies, your preferences, your joys, your gender identification, your sexual inclinations and vilifications, your domestic situation, your pet peeves, favorite films and favorite songs

And whether you possess ANY of ANY of the above,

I’d comeback empty-handed, since I’ve exponentially tried, but I still keep drawing and unfilling in blanks.

I squandered too much time pondering and wondering at The Giant Mystery of You already, and too much searching left me hurting to the point of Placid Indifference.

So if YOU would like a better understanding of these answers FOR YOURSELF,

In order to officially summit Maslow’s pyramid at “self-actualization”,

Better to ask your missus, near-misses, your other little misses, your don’t misses, and your just-misses.

Call them on the homophone and simply ask them.

If not, there are multiple available homographs right before your very eyes!

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