I used to feel so old and crushed,
As if my voice had turned to rust,
Killed off by the carelessly carefree
Indifference of my “Stage-of-Life” and “Where-in-Life Irrelevance.
Then one day, I was thrilled to uncover, find and discover
A little-known fact:
We’re actually DESIGNED for Obsolescence!
Now it all makes sense!
I’ve since exchanged my Personal Angst for Existential Angst,
And NOW I am simply relieved
By the very simple act of
And putting on a “Fuck-You” and “Fuck Everything”
Apathetic Act!
This technique provides,
The path which unhides
The requisite relief to
Cope, ease, and qualm me,
Unquease and calm me,
At least Personally and Existentially,
Or until I’m okay to exist for
Yet another useless day!
Where? Anywhere but especially HERE!!
In This Giant Hellhole
Called “Life”,
Filled-to-Ugly with Spite,
Covered in Wretched Disdain,

Oops, hold up and wait! Please wait!!
Did I confuse Nihilism with End-Game-Fruitless-Fatalism, Dystopian Fantasy, Hormonal Fluctuations, and/or Garden Variety Grouchy Pessimism?
I probably did!
In fact, I’m convinced.
It’s always been transparent
And clearly-for-all-to-see-apparent:
The only Ism I am
Or am even acquainted with
Is a very quaint anachronism.

(And No, “sarcasm” is an “asm”, not an “ism,”
But if we’re going to speak of “isms” and “asms,”
Why stop here?).

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