My Publicly-Held Conviction
In Courts of Opinion

ALERT: It’s long but worth it, IMHO

The Publicly-Held Conviction
In Courts of Opinion

Sounds like K-Space is Gender-fluid:
He prefers males
But will flow out of his way
To float with Any and All
Who float his boat then float away.

Yet he’s HIGHLY age-specific:
Young, younger, and youngest,
In increasing order of interest.

His human indecency makes significant waste of his equally-significant and prodigious acting skills.

Perhaps the only consolation is Prior Enjoyment of said acting skills before they were defiled by Truth?

A secondary consolation might be: His single-minded blindness,
Screwed-up behaviors,
And rampant Littering of Those
HE screwed over and abused
Screwed HIS in the end?

Sorry to “Be [So] Frank,”
But I’m Over-Weary of these
Long-sanctioned, Long-Concealed, Outwardly-focused, Random Acts of Despicable Behavior.

Why care?
Why scare?
Why call it out then make these Waves all by Myself?
It’s surely what You ask Yourself.

The answer which sits atop the rest:
Though I never knew him,
Much less knew him WELL,
I don’t care for his fishy smell
Nor buy his Tales
Too Tall to tell.
Basically, I don’t like the style of Lies he sells.

After all, He’s both
The Sole Perpetrator
And Convicted Guilty Party
In All this Mess;
More than Anyone Else,
His actions screwed Himself.

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