Some folks post their poems on Instagram,
Thinking There their poems are found.
Some Poems are, this much is true,
But they’re the ones written by YOU,
And not ones written by ME;
No, my poems are all shot down,
Condemned to drown
In Constant Promotional Obscurity.

So I prefer to post on blogs;
The kinder and more gentle place,
And not a Giant Marketplace
Where I don’t have to be so fake
Just to share my heart and face.

I also find I like the sound
Of Where the most-beautifully sonorous poems are found.

Please know I’m not being a bitch,
I’m just finally scratching an itch
Which long-demanded to be scratched,
So please don’t take it as a
Poetically personal attack.

Thank you for advancing your understanding
On a topic which has me hopping.

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