Screenshot Yesterday: The Violent Wrath of Math

39/43? Are you kidding me?

The Violent Wrath of Math

Can someone explain the
Probability of this to me,
At least Statistically?
I’d even be satisfied by a technicality
Like “Merely Mathematically.”

Besides the Disgraceful Numbers,
Low, humble, and pathetic,
(Which, consequently,
Can turn me poetically ascetic),

These confounding calcs don’t calculate.
Instead they mystify and Intergerically defy
By making insequential numbers.

For even “Can’t-be-budgeted I”
Knows the Numerator is ALWAYS
Higher than the Denominator,
Unless a Simple Fraction
Is all YOU’RE after
AND your sole attraction,
Which you’ve never claimed before
As your most Primary Motivator.

If you’d ever been to class
I’d try and I’d grasp
To make any sense of you,
But I can’t so I’m null and voiding you;
It’s simply what I must do
To re-equate my Sanity
And return me to my Poetry.

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