I’m definitely not an objective expert on matters of Human Sexuality, but my numerous years of being a Human myself have led me to a few observations.

Maybe I’ll address them in future posts, but I’ll confine this to the One Screaming Loudest:

I’ve discovered RECENTLY that many people seek sex for RELIEF rather than for JOY. I’ll gladly stipulate to “belatedly” on all counts of Said Observation, but it doesn’t alter its actuality, factuality, or potential falsity.

Perhaps the Truth of the Matter is blown out of perspective by first-person spectating, but I STILL don’t believe Those In Search of Sextasy can find it with people whose sole pursuit is Relief (though Relievers usually aren’t so picky).

I think two people have to at least be open to the opportunity of JOY for there to be any chance of finding any made mutually. The good news is: Once Joy is secured, Relief is easily obtained.

If this seems like Obvious Logic, trust me, there’s nothing obvious about social mores today!

I don’t know when collective standards changed, but they most certainly and drastically have! I can’t even tell you what they’ve changed INTO, and in the absence of external input, the same goes for the Accepted WHY. In fact, things are SO GRAY out there, I’M LOST!! I need help!! I’m begging for it!

Please know I’m NOT saying ALL Change is Bad. How could Change EVER be bad??!! Change-for-higher-purposes is one of humanity’s greatest virtues.

I’m just asking for a copy of The Rules.


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