Sibilance and Alliteration

How do you like the way this reads?


I say Word-Sound Repetition
Sets Above from Competition;
Such as stuff like SIBILANCE:
Sounds sounding soundingly,
Sometimes used strategically,
Written words repeatedly.

Brains Sing Sounds Annoyingly,
So You would most assuredly
Be put off by My Poetry;
Particularly the Poetic
And “Repetive”
Ploys which I Refer
Plus also Plot
And then Prefer
To play in Perpetuity.

Or perhaps My Love’s Alliteration
And my Hate The Consternation
Of the Constant Compilation
Of Varied Verbal Iterations
Required to simply Clarify
The Vagaries I’m Blurred Behind?

Your Well-informed Guess Defies
Remembered Answers I can’t Find
All Access in Recent Years
Has Recently Been Denied.

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