Thanks for The Agreement,
Since one so rarely sees it
Here on Unsociable Media.
But I don’t much need
To feed on “much agreed.”

I spend ALL my time
With ‘Me’, ‘My’, and ‘All Alone’;
So I can agree all on my own.
But thank you for opinion-sharing,
It thinks ME YOU’RE worth sparing
For at least appearing caring.

When I’m on the Internet,
I consider it a major win
To find a sole soul alive,
Who’s a real soul in Real Life,
A soul who can be
Counted on to agree
In trolling, scamming Virtuality.

It startles me when witnessing
Proof of anyone or thing’s Humanity,
And it’s thoughtful
Rather than spiteful and botful,
When a single, unattached soul
Tales a nanobyte of microtime
To bother to agree.

So even though I’m already quite full,
Upon Kindness and Inter-Niceness
I shall ALWAYS make stomach -space
And search out a place to feast.

I know it’s often hard to tell,
But the words I’m trying to sell
Are “Thank”, “You”, “For” and
“Agreeing”, too.

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