STRANGER DANGER: Rusty but Still Sharp


So I’m finally getting to use some of my inherent acerbity for the first time in my life! Like EVER!!

Lifetime asshole number 414 texts me in the wee hours Wednesday morning (4 months after NO WORD) with this:

“Hi Stranger. Thought I’d drop by and say hi. Hope you’re well.”

At 5:28 in the morning! What motive does ANYONE have at 5:28 in the morning if they’re not on their way to an airport?

So I replied with:

“We’ll, hello Stranger. Too bad I don’t talk to strangers, but I’m glad to hear you haven’t expired” (or some-such crap at the end; the main point was front-loaded)!

I’m a bit rusty, but I’m GLAD and RELIEVED to discover The Bitch is Back!!

I was SO worried I was getting too soft!

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