Tales of my Sexual Woes ♨️



I was fun in bed, but what was He?
Boring, soft and VERY quick.
I was energetically
Decked out in full lingerie.
However eventually,
I had to initiate
Contact sexually.

It’s why he was there, after all,
So why’d he never grow some balls?
I didn’t get Dirty Talk Or Pillow Talk,
Exploration, Adoration, or more than a minute of Penetration,
Not to mention a Tingling Sensation!

The Most Amazing Thing of All?
I thought Good Sex was freely bought,
So I gave Him the
Friends-with-Fringe benefit
Which I now doubt!
I also still Regret it all, so
I choose to just Forget it all.

That’s the Way of Lame-Ass Sex,
It builds you up to drop you back,
Where by yourself, you must attack
That pesky yearning for yourself;
I’ve found this Option serves to be,
Better Sex, at least for Me,
Though solely and impersonally.

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