The End of Nothing:

A Lesson for My “Daughters”

There comes a time to last-ditch No Significant Effort. If there’s no effort invested, you lose Nothing. Sometimes it’s good to jettison vanishing vaporous Nothing. It bears no mass, but it can weigh a lot.

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. Wash Your Hair. Blow some cash and blow some steam. You deserve it after all that time and effort you wasted on Nothing, Nothing Special, and Less Than You Deserve.

Call it a Temporary Loss of Self-Esteem (resulting in the Attraction Theory’s End Result) that caused you to lower your standards in the FIRST PLACE (which is always the Ultimate Indignity!). If not for your Relapse on your Self-Love Journey, you would’ve settled for Someone who treated you like Something Special instead of Nothing Special.

We’ll heretofore refer to these as “Temporary Interludes of Illogic.” All the same, if you were going to blow your self-worth on a giant heap of Nothing, I’m proud of you for treating it like Something while it lasted (you have a heart) and failing so abysmally at it (you saw it all the through to the crash). I know without a doubt that YOU will recover.

Promise me you won’t get so good at Learning from Mistakes you Stop Taking Chances. Failure is always a potential consequence of Chance. No risk, no return after all. No matter what. keep feeling. Keep learning, keep testing. And I hope you don’t have to, but if it keeps you feeling and learning, keep failing until you get it right or until you die.

Just wear your seat belts.

2 thoughts on “The End of Nothing:

  1. Funny how I still do! I must be FINALLY over being mentally screwed! I must be over my ghost, too! All that haunting was far too daunting! I’m finally free – I’m free indeed!


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