The REAL Reason I’m Mad At My Dog

This isn’t MY dog; she’s my friend Diane’s dog. But she’s cuter than, and frankly much friendlier, than my dog, so she’s the star of this post.

The REAL Reason I’m Mad At My Dog

I’ve been mad at him ever since I learned from both

A) The Groomer and
B) My Mother
(Basically, the only two people he’s EVER around other than ME)

That the whining pathetic noise he ALWAYS makes to communicate with me (the only sound he’s EVER used) he also ONLY uses
only WITH me
and ON me.

I’m not even upset with him for blatantly attempting to manipulate me. Good for him for trying! Nice try, buddy.

What I’m mad about is that He’s NEVER ONCE tried to reason with me logically, illogically ASSUMING that the only appeal capable of REACHING ME would have to be (and apparently CONTINUES TO BE) an emotionally-cloying, not to mention noisily-annoying, solely-heartstrung and overly-sentimental one.

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