Vehicular Breakdowns

Vehicular Breakdowns

Why did you Niss-me-an?
I hate it when you Chevrolet!
And to borrow my Lincoln without Towning my Car?
I Honda consider it a Hyundai move.
It’s my right and my Volvo, and
I’ve never disclosed to ANYONE other than you
That the Ford Taurus and the Mercury Sable were essentially the same vehicle!
And damn! I still can’t believe you Datsun’ed me into a Peugeot!
Especially when I couldn’t even afFord a Suzuki with my Infiniti budget!
Thanks a MILLION for the Burn-Me-Into Ford Pinto,
You Jag-ass!
I’m 100% serious:

If you Jeep it up,
I’ll Isuzu!
That’s a Pontiac
Combined with a Prizm
AS WELL AS a threat!

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