Which “Historical Figure” are You?

Which Historical Figure Am I?

You take Robert Downey Jr.’s version (And ONLY Robert Downey Jr.’s version) of Sherlock Holmes,
Bring him yonder here and up-to-date, ⏪⬆️
Subtract his Watson ⏬,
Housekeeper ⏬⏬, and mysterious Source of financial support ⏬⏬⏬,
Add back about 10 years in age, ⏬⏬⏬
Remove his active cases and Other Endeavors requiring the use of his mega-quick wits, 💤💤💤💤
[Thereby removing his Physical and Mental Ability to Exercise through Physical and Mental Activity: the very DEFINITION of Insanity-Provoking] 🌰🥜‼️

And the Historical Figure who’s been left behind is ME. 😶‍🌫️

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