One Reason: I look better in Snapchat than Karaoke

WHY SNAPCHAT VIDEOS VS. KARAOKE VIDEOS? The Primary Reason: “Other People”

When I’m desperate for a Karaoke fix,
My options are Null and Nix.
I enthuse how desperately
I need to go,
But those to whom I say it’s so
And ask if, too, they’d like to go
Always end up saying “No,

We’ve got bigger fish to fry
And Issues of Greater Sway
Dogging our interest, so
Run along and play Alone
Every Night and Day.”

It’s during these protracted periods of UnSupport,
I must regularly remind myself that
With all the other Barely-Bores!

And though these friends
Were NEVER whores,
Neither are they fun to be around;
You wouldn’t want ‘em by your side
If you were trapped underground,
And it’d be utter shit to be stuck in an
Elevator Lift with Folks like this!
How would you pass the time
If all you did was whine?

In fact, the saddest truth
I’ve most recently made is
“Most Humans My Age
Won’t leave their homes
Or comfortable zones
For very long,
Avoiding New Experiences
As if they were The Plague.”

Yet Answers must still evade,
For certainly my Loneliness
Isn’t SOLELY due to
Others’ Boringness?
I know the question begs further reflection,
But I’d rather ask a rhetorical question:

If Hate is the new Love
And Love is the new Hate,
Why won’t these Fickle Friends
Allow FATE to allow THEM to
Tolerate MY Howls upon a Stage?
It’s my clearly-stated
FAVORITE Game to Play,
So why not make a way?

When my hopes are dashed
And thrown in the Trash,
I visit the Can
To whisper to them:
“I guess We’re All doing
The best that we can.”
Then I cry and feel sorry for myself

Now I’m Reduced to
Playing a Cat and Snapping Chats:
The Answer to my own Question
Is as Simple as That!

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