Your Gross & Disgusting Indifference

You had every opportunity and didn’t take a single one.
Your indifferent placidity in the wake of my turbulence, my thrashing to and fro, buffeted about like the strands of a jellyfish carcass…
This cool indifference will forever be rendered
There were life vests everywhere, and you ignored every single one!
You knew I was drowning, and you looked the other way,
As if we hadn’t just locked eyes,
As if we never made eye contact at all…
Well I’m sorry, but I don’t care how sorry you EVER SAY you are
(and in case you’re reading this, the ANSWER is “You are Highly, Extremely, Maximum GIANT Sorry-Ass Sorry”),
Some people are “grossly negligent” and to-be-avoided forever-after
In a gesture of Basic Human Self-Decency.
So thanks for nothing, Super Sorry!
It thoroughly sucked knowing you
Practically 99% of the time!
I don’t like it when people stupefy me and stupid-fy me, and you stupidfied all OVER me.
I avoid you for your negligence, but I SEETHING HATE you for stupiding me.

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