Dropped by a Hint

I think my Narratives should be compelling!

Particularly if Viewed as the Narrowly-Focused, Lowest-Common-Denominator, Pandering, Self-Indulgent Piece of Trash and Surprising Bestseller that it Used to Be!

At least it was A Long Time Ago.

Still, I Know with a Certainty Beyond My Wettest Dreams that I’m Not Prepared to be STARTLED by the prolonged impending Self-Seeking, Critically-Disclaimed Summer Snooze of a Fest this is About To Be! Not to mention an unPopular Success!

It’s least-most Absurdly Truly Criminal My Tall Tales and CONFESSIONALS “All Hollywood is Concerned About!”, which I present with many doubts,

And might I add?
From a Clearly Misinterpreted, Individualized, Wide-Angle Perspective,

Like You’ve come to expect from Me as well as
It’s Not Me!” and
Almost Me,”
Both Cartoonish
And buffoonishly,

Told with Accelerants and all the F-Stops Pulled Out!

It’s all so HIGHLY Impressionistically Expressionistic! Can you Perchance Believe that?

I shouldn’t Want To!
Not to mention I uncertainly thought so! I can’t believe we haven’t blabbed about it for HOURS At A Time! After all, it’s the last thing I hate to be silent about!

Once again You’re SO Irresponsibly Unaccountable that You’ve Driven Me OnWays and SomeTracked! And Lest You Forget MY Primary Love Language,
I’ll Stealthily Slip you a Billboard:


Hey, at least you can’t say You haven’t been Dropped by a Hint!

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