ARTIFICIALLY DUMB: On Being Shut Down 5 Times in 1 Day

The first time was because I disrespected Cyndi Lauper’s musical talent by spending hours on a tribute to her using HER OWN MUSIC.
Stupid ME!


The CyberEye in the CyberSky:

Please forgive the snarky laughter, but I find your patent stupidity highly hilarious today.

Thanks for the laughs! 😂
I really needed them this week, and it’s only a Wednesday.

For the record, You didn’t sound a single squeak when I posted the EXACT SAME POEM on my other Instagram account!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in Your Artificial Intelligence!

*To refresh your memory, since YOUR Bot’s probably already forgotten MY Bot, I’m the Account you shut down 5 times today for using the phrase “stab in the heart” in a POEM about BEING MANIPULATED by Scammers❣️

FYI: Metaphor is the Official Language of Poetry.
Add that tiny tidbit to your prodigious memory banks!

Frankly, I’m mostly surprised you’re so touchy about Scammers.

Then again, Scammers probably make up 30% of Instagram Account-Holders, so You might only be guilty of Pandering and Corruption (at least of minors).

Otherwise, surely you can see:
“The Irony of It All?”
“The Hypocrisy of It All?”, and
“The Stupidity of It All?”?

Don’t answer. Those are what are called “rhetorical questions,” and Your algorithms don’t understand them.

#inappropriatecontent #instadumb #artificiallyunintelligent #ridiculous #Cybercrit #cyberstupid

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