Chain Mail

This is Stxxxxx Stxxxx. I’m doing some spring cleaning. If you’re getting this text, you’ve probably seen ZERO “Up Close and Personal” ACTION with me (but if you did, you’re definitely one of the few).

For whatever reason, Knowing You has been a low-neutral-to-negative experience for me, and I have no interest in seeing you again. Assuming I ever saw you in the first place.

I don’t know why I waited this long. I should have done this two whole days ago!

Getting rid of all this Dead Weight makes me feel as free as a newly released helium balloon. I feel like I’m bumping my head against clouds already.

PS. If Gender Translation is required, THE GIST of ALL of this is:

>>“Next time you feel horny, DON’T CALL ME!!”<<

Knowing YOUR level of romanticism, you’d probably text me with a 5-word proposition and think that was irresistibly SMOKIN’ hot.

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