This Textship we’re now sailing on;
It won’t last for very long;
Will sink when other Vessels see
Flares of my Emergency;
And if One bravely Rescue me,
He’ll fill Me First and then my needs
Of Connection which keep plaguing me.
I didn’t say You were The One for Me
Or claim that YOU were IT for ME.
I only want to get to know and see,
TAKE the opportunity
To Spend time in proximity,
Study tomes of Chemistry
To Test combustibility;
Then lie back expectantly,
Gazing at what’s Always Seen;
Search out Twinkles of new Glittering
As Pretty Sparks begin to Fly
Like Colored Comets Soaring high
Filling fully up with Light
This Darkness which I hold inside,
For every Day’s another Night.

Please bring Your Stars to Light my Sky!

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