Confessions, Pt. 1: Childhood

Snapchat Mom

As a kid who went through lots of families as her parents failed at their efforts at happiness, I somehow latched on to 2 beliefs in childhood that became CONVICTIONS.

1. I believed the only way I could ever be happy was to get married and have a family of my own. So that I could do it right; be the One who finally Got It Right.

2. The only way to Achieve happiness is through Achievement. You must excel at Something, or you’re Nothing.

I was temporarily successful at achieving a life centered around these convictions.
However, I was ultimately unsuccessful at both. Not always because of something I did. But some things I did probably didn’t help the situation, either. I tend to “flee” when in distress. I don’t know why, but it’s not the best for relationships. Especially if you consider that “fleeing” can take place mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

So what does it look like when none of your dreams come true? What happens when you find yourself

Alone Up, Down, and Sideways far too late in life to be alone up, down, and sideways?

Answer: I have no idea. There was no rule book.

I only can speak for myself. The look I’m currently sporting is called “The Best That I Can.”

How does it suit me?
I’m asking to be nice. Regardless of your answer, I happen to think it’s Perfectly Suitable.

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