A Poetic Story, A Storied Poem, or a POS!

What’s Your Question to My Final Answer?

I don’t know about You,
but I am ever-increasingly
tending to always
find myself
more and more,
occasionally and continuously,
too forgetful to remember:

“how delightfully and wickedly witty but-simultaneously-naive in such an adorably enlightened way”

That it astounds me and yet….

Doesn’t Live UP to
My Own Expectations
Which is pretty much
What We’ve ALL
Come to Expect,
Masquerading as a Surprise!

Though IT’s still
Uniquely Relatable
to Everyone Alive and
Each Individual on the PLANET,

But ONLY In the following Languages:

•At LEAST “Five Love”
•Prison Slang,
•Jailhouse Taps and Morse Code,
•Cockney Rhyming Slang
(“such pretty minced pies you have!”)
Urban Dictionary,
•“Of Business”:
Financial Accounting,
•Photographically BY HAND,
•Blatant Innuendo,
•Both Poetry AND Prose,
(Memed by Me, of course!),
•Quotation Marks,
•Word ’95
[only on CD ROM],
•America Online,
•Amazon Prime,
and Let’s Not Forget:
•The Outrageously Fortunous Bill Gates!

Oh, My Thinly Disguised
You’re Showing up Again
Like an Unexpected Vacationer!
I have a MUST READ!
Both for YOU and #metoo.

For the sake of Stories Told
by The First Person,
And In
Every Voice
Singing Songs by Inspiration,
However UnInspired.

Thanks for reading

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