One poem led to the next today. You can see it in the last 3 especially. Which is unusual – even for a Weirdo like me.


Efforts spent on Effervescence
Returning Yields much High Investment.
Once Erased or Out of focus,
Under-beds, when Freed of Monsters
Thoughts Untangled freely Wander
Aimlessly amble;
Freely Wonder
Far away from the Black Hole
Of “Terribilities” up below.
When thick enough to face your fears
And See What Lies Beneath Your Tears,
You’ll soon Crush with ALL YOUR Strength,
Pull the Stops and Go the Lengths,
Fearless Fears You’ll Push Against,
Escaping; Nothing Terrifies!
So Whole is Your Piece of Mind.


  1. I love your poetry dear Jennifer. Another poem for you.
    “God damn monster looking back at me.
    I drink the Johnnie Walker in my coffee glass and
    I tell the mirror, fuck you, Johnnie.
    The mirror cannot talk, and I smile.
    I tell the image looking back at me.
    I deserve what I got, and I ordered more whiskey.
    Maybe I love misery and the blackness of the night.”
    Thank you, dear Jennifer. You are my muse tonight.

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      1. Good for you because I’ve spent the ENTIRE DAY 1) making a stupid video and 2) trying to figure out how to post my ELEVEN images, each containing a verse on my poem about Vulnerability. I think it deserves “series-ous” acclaim.

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