If You Could Only Use 20 Adjectives to Describe Yourself

(Did I forget to add hearing-impaired to the list? Apparently her left ear swallowed her earbud speaker; and #verbose of course, though we were trying to keep it to 20)

If You Could Only Use 20 Adjectives to Describe Yourself

1. Highly imaginative
2. Quick-witted
3. Well-vocabularized
4. Well-educated
5. Well-traveled
6. Well-traumatized
8. Well-self-examined
9. Disillusioned but still Illusioned
11. Cynically Naive
12. Typically Subtle though Atypically Blatant
13. Possessing a filthy sense of humor!
14. Full-on Analytical
15. Intensely Playful
16. Intensely Intense
17. Cryptically Extroverted
18. Loquaciously Introverted
19. Agoraphobically Attention-Seeking
20. Floating Peacefully
21. Floating Turbulently
22. Outwardly [Undoubtedly, Irrefutably, and Categorically-Affirmed to be] Stunning

But none of this is news to anyone.

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