If You’re an Ocean

If You’re an Ocean

If you’re an Ocean contemplating WHATEVER with WHOMEVER, but he’s a Lagoon: DON’T DO IT!! Even if you have Nobody Else!

Time spent Alone, as an Ocean, means less time masquerading as a Lagoon.

Imagine the Thunderous Wildness of The Ocean contained within a lagoon?

It’s Utterly Inconceivable.

The Inner Implosiveness of it would be catastrophic to the likes of which… Just Entropy Magnitude. Black Hole.. Victim Mentality. Terrible Tragedy. To the degree of: Exponential, stratospheric, perpendicular, geographic, unidimensional, one-sided, stereotypical, unilateral, fore-thinking, foreshadowing,neverbefore-seen, unintentionally-intended, once-in-a-lifetime, overly dramatic, HORMONALLY OUTRAGED levels!!

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