I Do NOT find anything even remotely hostile or “bullying” over Here in Big Bad Evil Sexploitative Horrible Awful Rotten PLETHORA Of Fried Onion SOCIAL MEDIA Zero Hero, and Isn’t It Divine FOR US? Do we not LOVE IT SO?

Are we not having the embodiment of our OWN very lives? RIGHT NOW? AS WE SPEAK?

This Disgustingly Charming Unfathomably Empathicness Bubble of US?

In the fairy wee hours…
…Here today!?$&

But I have to admit I feel myself in the way of standing to be accused. Of being BOTH an Angel AND a Devil Neither Knowing But Still Explosive Joying with Motley Band of Misshapen and – I’ll Be Damned – DRUNKEN Fools!

You’re damning me an angel BEFORE You Read My Poems?

You’re high-exaltibg me a devil before you read my Po-e-try?

Oh My Dear,
But We are in for Much Exhaustive Delight!!

Can’t promise it won’t be a Bumpy Ride, but I think We’ve Got it Under Control Over Here at COMEWORDPLAYWITHME and the HIGH PRIESTESS and Her Motley Moxie Possey full of Poets and You-Know-It’s and The Locals, the odd Yokel and the Merry-Makers Movers Shakers Bakers Homemakers, and the Musicians, All Kinds of Magicians, Beauty Makers, Inner Healers, Love Makers, Photo Takers, Heart Breakers, Heart Fixers, and the Songbirds and the Lovebirds, and the ❣️Pomeranians❣️❣️ and
❣️GeekyHeroes❣️ and there’s Nowhere I’d rather be at this moment than on MY OWN Cyberpatch that is JustMe and the Motley Crëw so impossibly-broccoli Lasagna-in-Law with REST of ALL of the Other Scarecrows that make up the remaining portion that is the other half of YOU❣️

P.S. What Kind of Organized Mayhem and Operational Exploits have you got planned after the Spiritual Uploading and Downloading immediately proceeding the Appetizer of TWISTER & Other Traditional Family Board Games and Heavily-Laced Paprika Martinis?

PPS. Did I fail to surface the Paranormal Element of all of this?

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