I’m wiling to Lose Face
Building a Name for Myself,
Pursuing My Wildest Dreams,
Refusing to Abandon Them,
While Doing Something that I Love!
Resulting in My 15 Minutes of [low-rent] Fame;
Then Fading from the Public View
As Time Goes On and Passing through
The Earth Rotating ‘round the Sun
For Many Moons now
Once it’s Done.
I’ll put the “Opt” in the “Optional”
When I Submit to Fate
And Drift into Obscurity
On Public Display,
Playing the Scapegoat,
While Offering Blood Sacrifices:
A CautionaryTale but never
A Best-Selling Blockbuster,
Profounding Disappointment;
Something to Be Avoided Though Openly Embracing
With The Journey’s “Open Arms.”
Then again: What Do I Know?
You can’t fault a girl for Questioning
Not Answered by an Answering.

<Photo courtesy of Donald Tell at e-partner.org>


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